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My name is Roger Meuris and living at Westerlo-Belgium.

Breeder of Australian parakeets and their mutations.


From my 12 years I started to breeding with birds. The first were grass parakeets and finches.

In 1969 I switched to Australian parakeets and started with 2 pairs of pennant, 1 pair rosella and

2 pairs splendids.

Now I have a 65 couples, and breeding with rosella in Golden Gold, black, black Pied, blue in pastel,

white wing, opaline and combinations, rubino, Pastel opaline , Pennant pastel yellow, pastel yellow orange, white pastel orange.

Also, I've Regentparrot Pastell, Turquoise, Lutino and zoomed,   Barraband , cinnamon and greygreen, 

Blue bonnet Red Vented and  Many couloured with red belly and red breast .

Pictures of my breeding pairs can you see under "My birds".
My garden
My garden
Part of my cages
Part of my cages

My faithful friend  ARCO
My faithful friend ARCO

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